A company car is more than transportation. It’s a mobile office that helps keep your business on the move.

How can we help move your fleet’s ROI?

What moves your business?

To keep your salespeople moving, ARI provides a full range of programs that cover a vehicle’s lifecycle, from vehicle selection and acquisition to operating management. Our car fleet services include acquisition and supply chain management, maintenance, licensing and compliance, fuel management, accident claims and subrogation, safety, vehicle remarketing, and many others.

Making the complex simple

Fleet complexity takes many different forms, and isn’t limited to trucks and vans. ARI has the expertise and the technology to ensure driver productivity stays high and vehicle costs stay low.

In the palm of your hand

Your drivers can use the ARI Driver insights® app to manage vehicle maintenance and usage, check for upcoming service that may be due, and input their monthly business and personal mileage to ensure proper tax reporting.

There’s a better way

Control your key cost drivers using:

  • Personal mileage reporting with minimal administration
  • Driver safety programs including telematics solutions
  • Maintenance and fuel cost containment

They cut their claim costs by 65%

We helped JTI-Macdonald reduce their preventable claims by 65 percent and total claim costs by 55 percent in two years.

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The Bottom Line

Your vehicles empower your drivers to deliver revenue opportunities. You need a partner that can help you keep them - and your business - moving.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet