When your business is a major driving force of the country’s economy, fleet downtime isn’t an option.

Can your fleet partner stay on track with your company’s goals?

Keeping the world moving...

Your operation requires a complex fleet of specialized vehicles for welding and mechanical work, telecommunications, security, materials handling and track inspections – and an experienced fleet partner to help manage it all.

...while holding costs at bay

We help our railroad clients manage tight budgets by replacing the right vehicles at the right time in order to manage both capital expenditures and maintenance costs. Our dedicated, tenured rail experts understand the exceptional complexity and special needs of the railroad industry.

The Holman value proposition

ARI manages more than 125,000 vehicles for Class 1 railroads, short lines, and railroad support companies. The synergy created by ARI and its sister companies, Auto Truck and Holman Parts Distribution, offers visibility to the supply chain that’s unmatched in the industry.

There’s a better way

Control your key cost drivers using:

  • Cost-reduction strategies to combat external economic fluctuations
  • Standardizing vehicle specifications to build the right unit for each job
  • Telematics solutions to track data related to field vehicles and support driver safety initiatives
  • Fuel cost and idling time analysis
  • Maintenance guidelines that take into account the rugged conditions where your vehicles operate
  • Aggregation of industry-specific data that leverages ARI’s leadership in the railroad sector

Fueling trackable cost savings

We helped a rail client reduce fuel spend for more than 9,000 light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

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The Bottom Line

Your fleet vehicles help keep trains running across thousands of miles of tracks. We can help you drive additional value and enhancements. Let’s go full steam ahead.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet