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Sale & Leaseback

In today’s economic environment, demand is stronger than ever for proven methods to harness equity from business assets. unlock the equity in your vehicles to get more value with less monthly cash flow.

Managed Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is much more than managing transactions. Are you operating in the traditional “break and fix” model of fleet maintenance? Fleet cost savings can be had by switching to a proactive “predict and prevent” approach.

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With the right tools and practices, you can elevate your fleet’s performance. From capital forecasting and remarketing, to maintenance and driver safety.

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Automotive is what we do here. Meet the rest of the Holman companies and see how your supply chain can shine more with less effort when you put our commercial competencies to work.

Fleet Is An Investment

Change Your Mindset

It’s time to talk about fleet differently. It's not just a series of costs and transactions that need to be maintained. Watch why it's time to approach fleet as a continual cycle of Buy, Drive, Service & Sell.

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