End-to-End Fleet Management

You can increase the ROI your fleet drives to the bottom line. ARI can help.


Many managers approach fleet management like a set of transactional tasks. Those companies are missing the bigger picture. You can focus more on your core business solutions by leveraging our fleet management expertise and tools:

Leasing & Purchasing

You have the freedom to fund vehicles on terms that work best for your company. With open- and closed-end leasing options, you’ll align factors like lease terms, resale values, and mileage with your unique operational conditions. This way, your fleet management game plan will add value to your company’s bottom line.

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Supply Chain Strategy

Link up with us and get support with fleet management replacement planning, soliciting bids from OEMs and upfitters, monitoring build-outs, and ensuring fleet vehicles are delivered fully licensed and work-ready, whether you need ship-to, ship-thru, or both.

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Fuel Management

You can identify solutions for reducing your fuel spend by partnering with one of our fuel card providers and leveraging ARI fleet management software to consolidate your data in real time. All transactions will be wrapped into ARI’s systems, making it easier to identify trends and billing.

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Maintenance Control

Are you looking to improve your maintenance management using a holistic, data-driven strategy? ARI can help you elevate your traditional fleet management “break and fix” mindset to a proactive “predict and prevent” approach that controls expenses and downtime.

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Accidents & Recovery

In the event of an accident, we’ll help get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible, and with ARI’s fleet management software, you’ll never be more than a click away from monitoring the repair process.

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Avoid compliance downtime and keep your fleet vehicles on the road and generating revenue for your company. Your fleet management plan can improve productivity and efficiency while we handle all licensing and legalization activities across your entire fleet.

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Garage Management

Consolidate your internal garage activity and external vendor support within a single garage management system. You’ll exert tighter control of fleet management expenses and have real transparency into your total maintenance spend.

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Vehicle Remarketing

The final fleet management stage of the vehicle life cycle, you can leverage ARI to remarket your vehicles through traditional auctions, specialized online sales platforms, dealer outlets, and even private, employee-only sales. You can even sell them directly to us, or sell your equipment to online buyers.

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You can leverage ARI's fleet management expertise to help increase driver productivity

Training & Safety

Your fleet management safety procedures can identify and correct high-risk driving behavior, increase accountability, and reduce liability exposure among your drivers using ARI skills assessments, training, and scorecards.

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Personal Use

Save time by simplifying the process of collecting and tracking on personal and business mileage with ARI fleet management software. Your drivers can submit mileage online, via their mobile device, or over the phone.

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You can lean on ARI’s fleet management compliance team to automatically monitor, track, and pay any parking or moving violations your drivers incur to keep your fleet moving forward.

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Driver Compliance

By using our driver compliance services, your drivers will have accurate, current credentials, your organization will benefit from consolidated billing, and your fleet management playbook can focus on driving value.

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You can leverage ARI's technology tools to distill fleet management data into decisions:

Data & Reporting

Your fleet generates a monumental amount of data. Without the ability to combine, correlate, and distill it all, your data’s potential value could be lost. You can put ARI’s suite of fleet management technology tools, including the ARI insights® platform, to work for your fleet.

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With ARI analytics™, you can can see what’s happening across your fleet and make revenue-driving decisions while controlling costs related to unexpected fleet management repairs, driver incidents, and compliance.

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Data Integration

You can collect and consolidate your critical fleet management data into a unified view instead of trying to piece together multiple feeds into a single picture. By centralizing your data, you’ll turn disconnected points into meaningful and actionable information.

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With the ability to track vehicle and driver activity in real time, you’ll increase visibility into your fleet management and make better decisions. You can extract meaningful intelligence and apply it toward efficiency gaps and problem areas like downtime and utilization.

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See how ARI is taking a different approach to thinking about fleets.

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