Embracing diversity in our supply chain

We believe in having a supplier base that is as diverse as our employees and the communities we serve. ARI is a certified diverse business, and we have a Supplier Diversity Program to help us attract qualified suppliers who can help support our business.

ARI is a Certified Diverse Business

ARI and our parent company, Holman Enterprises, are both certified woman-owned business enterprises (WBE) by the Woman’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC). We are the first and only full-service fleet management company to be certified by the WBENC as a woman-owned business.

“Being certified as a women-owned business is a reflection of the significant role women throughout our organization have played – and will continue to play – in our company’s sustained growth and success.” – Mindy Holman, Chairman of the Board, Holman Enterprises

Our clients see their fleets as absolutely essential to their business operations, and they look to ARI to deliver best-in-class products and services at the best value. Competitive pricing, quality, and reliability are all key criteria. Having a diverse supply chain is critical in fostering flexibility and innovative ideas.

Supplier Diversity

ARI’s Supplier Diversity Program fosters the development of diverse owned businesses and provide these suppliers with equal access to business opportunities within the organization.

It is our hope that this program will help diverse suppliers determine whether their products and services are a fit with ARI’s corporate strategy and can reliably meet the needs of our customers. We believe this is a sound business practice.

“Supplier diversity aligns with our company’s core values and principles that celebrate our purpose of doing the right thing always. This philosophy is fundamental to who we are and how we conduct business.” –Mindy Holman

We want to be easy to do business with, whether you're a customer or a supplier. To simplify the process of navigating our company and gaining access to appropriate decision makers, we created a Supplier Diversity Office.

ARI's Supplier Diversity Office

We encourage diversity in our supply chain by:

  • Establishing registration and qualification procedures prospective diverse suppliers
  • Linking qualified suppliers with appropriate decision makers and support decision making within ARI
  • Promoting an “open door” atmosphere within the company, to provide guidance to potential diverse suppliers and help them further develop their business
  • Associating with Supplier Diversity programs at other companies, with a shared vision of diversity supplier development.

As ARI continues to grow, we are committed to doing our part to include diverse businesses in our company’s activities, to help us in serving our clients and customers. Opportunities and approaches are as varied as the clients and customers we serve, the businesses in which they operate, and the markets they serve.