The value of our core competencies

ARI is one of multiple Holman Enterprises companies focused on excellence in the driver and automotive sector.

Working together with Auto Truck and Holman Parts Distribution, ARI delivers a single-source commercial solution that drives revenue to your bottom line.

Simplifying acquisition for complex vehicles

We are the world’s only fleet management company that can control your supply chain process from beginning to end when you partner with Auto Truck, our upfitting sister company and leader in the industry.

When you order vehicles through ARI and leverage Auto Truck Group to handle your specification builds, you get the right vehicles for the job when you need them, properly upfitted, fully licensed and ready to work. With our visibility into both operations, we can handle more of the administration related to vehicle acquisition and delivery so you can focus on your core business.

Keeping complex vehicles on the road

Once vehicles are built, delivered, and on the road serving your customers, minimizing downtime and operating costs becomes the focus for business success. ARI’s maintenance solutions address your preventive maintenance planning and manage repairs, including the sourcing of high-quality parts you can trust.

Holman Parts Distribution is a leader in providing original equipment powertrain components to large fleets just like yours. Put both ARI and Holman Parts Distribution to work handling your maintenance and ensuring driver productivity.

Extended Holman family of companies

Leveraging additional automotive value

Holman’s other automotive-focused businesses can deliver on a variety of your fleet needs, from mobility solutions to ridesharing and liability protection.

While we operate a variety of businesses with unique focus, our shared measure of success is the ability to work together and solve automotive challenges for companies like yours.