Steering drivers toward safety success

Prevention is paramount to keeping your drivers safe and costs under control.

Vehicle crashes account for 80 percent of employee fatalities and most severe employee injuries.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

You want to keep your drivers - and your organization - safe. We can help.  We have the team, technology, and training resources to help you reduce accident rates by improving driving behavior.

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Use our new TCOR calculator to see how much hard dollar savings you may realize by leveraging your driver safety and training programs.

Build a culture of safety

You can build a culture of safety among your company drivers by approaching collisions preemptively through ARI’s automated monitoring of driving behavior and the ARI Driver Excellence® program. You can identify opportunities to improve, measuring the impact of corrective action and assigning corrective training.

Policy comprehension assessment

You have the option to create a policy or drive adoption of one that’s already in place. You can design a customized fleet policy module with a video message, or letter from senior management to reinforce the importance of your organization’s commitment to safety. Drivers are required to review the policy online, complete an assessment to demonstrate comprehension, and will ultimately receive a certificate of completion.

You’ll know the score

You can stay connected with a comprehensive view of your drivers’ driving behavior by using ARI’s Driver Scorecard™ displaying integrated data from accidents, Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs), fuel usage, telematics data, and risk assessment results. This tool helps you quickly identify and address high-risk drivers before incidents occur.

Targeted training

You have the power to identify high-risk drivers using ARI’s advanced filtering and reporting criteria. Infractions are automatically identified and aligned to online training modules specific to the infraction. Our extensive driver training catalog simulates real-world driving situations in a variety of vehicle types.

There's more you can do

Technology creates one big picture that allows fleet professionals to manage outliers and address possible risks before they develop into big problems.

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