Sale & Leaseback: Put your equity to work.

A sale and leaseback can improve your company’s short-term liquidity, without compromising long-term financial stability. In today’s economic environment, demand is stronger than ever for proven methods to harness equity from business assets.

Do you know how much equity lives in your fleet? Could your company enjoy more success by putting that cash to better use?

With a sale and leaseback initiative, you can unlock the equity in your vehicles to get more value with less monthly cash flow. More cash to fill capital needs, more flexibility each month, and more ways to keep your business moving forward.

The process is simple. ARI evaluates the value of your fleet vehicles to calculate how much equity you have, and presents you with a fair purchase price. If you’re satisfied with the offer, you sell the vehicles to ARI, and we lease them back to your company.

Cash flow - improved.

Create liquidity quickly from your fleet, positioning your company for success with more cash when you need it most.

Flexibility - enhanced.

Your company can be more nimble in filling capital needs and managing monthly liabilities, empowering you to focus on your priority – your clients.

Driver disruption - avoided.

Your drivers stay in their vehicles, keeping your business moving and your customers happy.

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