Strengthen the links in your fleet supply chain

Manufacturer delays, transport back-ups, and vendor lag can drag down revenue and drive up costs.

Time is money, and downtime is expensive. You need a vehicle acquisition strategy that plans for the unexpected.

You can craft the optional blend of ARI’s funding, chassis, and upfitting alternatives to insulate your company from the impact of external fluctuations. Complete fleet supply chain management can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Getting it right

Ensure your vehicles precisely meet your business needs through ARI’s review process, which tracks operating conditions, annual mileage, and other variables at a manageable cost per mile.

Optimal replacement models

When used correctly, your fleet data can lead you to develop optimal replacement guidelines and the minimization of downtime. You have freedom through ARI to analyze that data correlated from operating conditions, mileage, maintenance, financing and other variables.

Upfitting expertise

Keep your vehicles in need of upfitting moving through the supply chain with the help of our vocational experts, who will help optimize your specifications and prepare an upfitting strategy based on field requirements.

Control the process

ARI manages the entire supply chain process by soliciting bids from OEMs and upfitters, monitoring vehicles as they are built, as well as monitoring daily status reports from all major manufacturers, upfitters and transport companies.

On-time, ready-to-go delivery

Whether it’s ship-to or ship-thru, your delivery strategy is always exactly what you want. You can rely on ARI to administer the initial registration, licensing and titling of new vehicles so they arrive to you on time and ready to drive.

The Holman value proposition

ARI is the world’s only fleet management company that can control your supply chain process from beginning to end. When you order vehicles through ARI and leverage Auto Truck Group to handle your specification builds, you get the right vehicles for the job that are ready to work. With our visibility into both operations, we can handle more of the administration related to vehicle acquisition and delivery so you can focus on your core business. Kargo Master, also part of the Holman Enterprises family, manufactures truck and commercial van ladder racks, equipment and accessories that maximize driver productivity in multiple industries.

Closed loop process

Learn how and why establishing a closed-loop process within your supply chain can help sharpen your focus on business priorities, gain visibility into logistics, and better meet in-market dates.

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Silofication: Getting On The Same Page

Silofication is the hidden flaw in the fleet supply chain process that splits decision-making into separate budget, design and upfit, and delivery silos, each blind to the concerns of the other.

Do the people handling your vehicle supply chain have access to all the information that impacts their portion of responsibility? Information silofication is a common fleet challenge. From the budgeters and vehicle design folks to the ones getting the vehicles to your drivers, getting your whole vehicle supply chain on the same page will reduce your costs and improve productivity.

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