A Silver Lining Recap and Expectations for 2021

You don’t really need one more reminder of how challenging 2020 has been. Instead, let’s take a different perspective with this year-end recap. Let’s focus on the new ways 2020 has taught you to be agile, proactive, and ground-breaking with your fleet.

First, this year taught you that situations and complications capable of significantly impacting your fleet can be completely unforeseeable. Complete shutdown of businesses! Production lines coming to a halt! Extreme safety measures needed to protect employees and customers!

Here’s a look at the most in-demand fleet information in 2020 and how many fleets like yours endured:

A Dozen Hot Topics from 2020

What a long, unpredictable year it’s been with so much change and uncertainty to absorb. Despite the disagreeable character that 2020 has been, it’s given us a chance to share some timeless advice and revisit foundational fleet practices to help you solve new challenges.

As we look toward 2021, here are the 12 most in-demand questions we helped you answer this year:

How do I manage my fleet during a pandemic?

This question is still being asked because each week more new complications continue to spread. Never fear – #fleethero is here! So many fleets came to the rescue for their companies this year, thinking creatively despite adversity and making hard decisions to control costs. Kudos to everyone for stepping up to the challenges.

How can my fleet create better returns?

Fleets in 2020 were looking for competitive advantages throughout the fleet lifecycle. They looked to customer success stories to see how fleets at each stage found success through change. They also downloaded this new guide to understand how to meet the challenge of implementing change in their fleets.

How can I take my fleet to the next level?

Fleets have been wondering if they have the fundamental policies and procedures needed to reach their greatest potential. This year, the ARI Performance Index helped many fleets identify opportunities to improve their fleet’s performance level.

How can I improve my supply chain?

Amidst all the delays and shutdowns, fleets looked for synergies that could give them greater transparency and control through the vehicle supply chain process. The Holman companies are aligned to give fleets a more diverse and stable supply chain, through closely integrated communication and operations for efficient reach across collaborating departments.

Do electric vehicles make sense for my fleet?

There’s been a lot of interest this year in incorporating electric vehicles. So far, it looks like they will be most beneficial for fleets with passenger cars, plus SUVs and light-duty trucks up to 10,000 pounds GVWR. This is a segment that Holman has invested in by partnering with Lordstown Motors.

Does my fleet need telematics?

Fleet interest in how driver and vehicle performance impact their productivity and revenue continued in 2020 as companies looked to measure and control costs. They’ve been learning how telematics will give them real-time insight into those critical performance areas and also debunk misconceptions they may have about their performance. What kind of successes have fleets seen? Examples include exact vehicle operations and stronger risk mitigation.

What special care do my vehicles need during a pandemic?

Bet no one ever thought about this question before 2020. Some fleets needed advice for their parked vehicles. Other fleets with vehicles suddenly in heightened demand needed to know about new protective equipment for the sake of their drivers’ health.

Fleet demand is down – how can I cut my fleet costs?

Delaying vehicle orders can set into motion unanticipated fleet operating costs, but sometimes it’s the right move anyway. Extending PM intervals can have unforeseen repercussions too. This year has required a delicate balancing act for controlling fleet costs during a pandemic.

How can I access the capital in my fleet?

Many businesses faced hardships this year and sought help for ways to turn their vehicles into cash. Maybe that meant downsizing the fleet, but there are other ways too, including a diversified funding strategy and an innovative sale and leaseback model.

What are vehicle remarketing best practices during a pandemic?

Actually, it’s the same as always: maximize resale values and maintain a reasonable time to sell – whatever that may look like for your specific vehicles and industry. Remaining agile continues to be the underlying strategy during the pandemic.

How is ARI holding up to the pandemic?

It was a scary year for us too. But with the steadfast support of our leadership, the collaboration of our partners, and ongoing dedication of our employees, we continue to help move our customers and the fleet industry forward together.

What are some unique ways ARI has helped fleets this year?

Even under 2020’s bizarre circumstances, a lot of our practical advice has been rooted in the basics of fleet management. Aside from that, we know information is power, so we’ve been determined to keep fleets informed of the latest automotive industry changes and roadblocks. We know your drivers need info too, which has been a communication priority as well.

Expectations for 2021

You can be excited about the support you’ll receive from the Holman companies in 2021. As the pandemic begins to feel the resistance of a growing vaccinated population, you’ll be able to build the flexible framework of your 2021 fleet strategy and beyond, with the help of Holman’s integrated supply chain, customer service, and development teams.

You will gain greater control of your fixed and operating expenses as we continue to introduce new fleet programs, tools, and financing options. You will be able to achieve greater budgeting and productivity efficiencies while also advancing with us and the rest of the world toward sustainable, forward-thinking platforms for electrification and mobility.

Above all, you can trust that everyone here will be doing everything we can to share our hearts with you, to listen whenever you need us, to offer ideas when your well is low, and to stand strong together.

We’re wishing you a magical holiday season, and a very happy and healthy New Year.