Brexit Update for UK Fleets

As of 14 March, Members of Parliament (MPs) have voted by a majority to seek a delay in the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to request a Brexit delay until the end of June at the earliest, pending MP support on additional deals in the coming weeks.

We at ARI have been monitoring Brexit extensively for the last several years to anticipate its impact on the fleet industry both in the UK and internationally. Despite this state of limbo, we will continue to utilise the data, research and experience at our disposal to stay abreast of the situation, taking into consideration everything from financing and leasing to import and export concerns.

Rest assured that ARI remains Britain’s largest independent fleet management company, committed to providing customers and fleet management with the resources needed to navigate this confusing time. Please contact us should you have any concerns or questions about your fleet’s impact, and check back with us as we continue to update on the state us Brexit and our industry.