Networking Without a Network: ARI’s Fleet Feedback Report

Since the pandemic changed the world in March, we’ve been sharing insights into how the fleet industry is coping with COVID-19 changes. But if you’re like us, then you’ve also been largely absent from your usual social settings since March, making it nearly impossible to network with other fleet professionals in familiar ways.

Having less access to the outside world means less access to the big conversations you want to be having. And as the world continues to rebuild, we’ve been wading through a sea of questions about how our industry will and should operate moving forward. With that in mind, ARI studied the trends we shared in our May and July Fleet Feedback blogs. To build on that information collected through webinars and web polls, we invited more than 250 North American fleet management clients to complete a comprehensive fleet survey. We wanted to hear how COVID-19 is impacting their overall organizations, the challenges they are facing, their top fleet priorities for 2020, which communication methods have proven valuable, and lessons learned during this journey.

We compiled the survey responses into one comprehensive report, which gives fleet professionals a holistic view of the challenges plaguing other industries as well as trending priorities. Download your complimentary copy of ARI’s COVID-19 Fleet Feedback Report today to gain insight into the future of fleet, and answer some of the questions that are keeping you up at night.

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