Three Tips for Tuning and Boosting Morale

As governments across the globe work on mapping out potential paths back to normalcy, people are coming together (virtually, of course) more than ever. We’re all facing a diverse range of challenges at the moment. Some are entering their second or third month of working remotely, others are still out in the field delivering essential services, and many are dealing with the challenges of reduced hours and temporary furloughs due to closures. Despite these differences, we are united in the desire for a timely, safe return to more familiar lives.

If you’re already tackling initiatives to bolster your fleet and business health, and caring for yourself and your family, what’s next on the list? Consider putting those keen leadership skills to work toward giving your company’s emotional health a fresh boost! All it takes is an open heart and an extended hand to spark positive results for your business and the people that keep it running.

While your primary responsibility may revolve around vehicles, the fleet includes drivers and other employees, too. Happy employees translate into happy customers, so don’t hesitate to collaborate with your Human Resources and employee engagement counterparts to boost morale.

Check out the ideas below, and download this portable list to share with your colleagues:

Give your team something to feel good about

  • Overcoming challenges is something worth celebrating, so make time to recognize your team and colleagues daily. Simply maintaining our regular duties in the face of unprecedented hurdles is anything but regular, so acknowledge when you see others hanging tough!
  • Fostering a sense of teamwork is more important than ever. Many teams are split between working from home and working in the field, and it’s normal to feel disconnected right now. Pull those who work independently into a larger group and let them celebrate what everyone is achieving collectively, and find ways for essential workers to join in, too.

Help everyone feel connected and informed

  • Feeling out of the loop can increase peoples’ anxieties. Share whatever information you can about what’s happening across your organization so employees have an understanding of where they stand, and what may come next. A strong sense of confidence in communication channels can will mitigate fear of “being in the dark.”
  • “All work and no play…” makes quarantine feel super monotonous. You can break up the day by giving everyone the chance to talk, smile, and laugh about non-work related topics together. Use all the resources you can, from your company intranet to your social media channels, and video-based communication platforms.

Open the door and let others know you care

  • When you are brave enough to be transparent about your own circumstances, those around you will feel more secure opening up about what they’re facing throughout the day. Creating a compassionate environment through empathy can make it easier for others to reach out and connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges. Not everyone is comfortable engaging personally in the workplace, and that’s okay. Consider this the virtual equivalent of an “open door” that some will walk through, and others may take the cue but choose to confide in a friend or relative instead.
  • Your colleagues may want to reciprocate, so let them offer their support to you as well. In the end, you’ll strengthen your mutual respect and relationships.
  • If your company offers wellness tools like telemedicine or mental health support, remind team members that they are available. Also encourage people to connect with available resources for childcare, work-life balance, remote fitness classes, etc.

Click here for a PDF version of this infographic.

Focusing on tomorrow

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Relative to your fleet, you want to keep your drivers as safe and healthy as possible. You’ve likely shared plenty of fleet guidelines for driver distancing, vehicle sanitization, and remote practices, but ensuring everyone gets the emotional support they need is just as critical. By caring and spreading compassion in as many areas of your life as possible, including your workplace, you will strengthen relationships, others, and even yourself.

As you’re planning for the remainder of 2020, tap into your fleet management resources at ARI. We’re analyzing what industry best practices may look like in the new normal, and can support you in adjusting your fleet spend, vehicle ordering, remarketing, and other areas to align with your company’s needs.

As we embark on the recovery process, you can find the latest industry information on ARI’s COVID-19 Resource Center, and subscribe for weekly or daily updates via email. Stay well and support others as we head toward a brighter tomorrow, together