Embracing the Opportunities of Emerging Technology

As a growing number of organizations return to “business as usual”, we’re seeing the trends that have fueled tremendous growth in the automotive sector once again build significant momentum. While the industry is buzzing with a variety of emerging technology, two particular innovations that continue to stand out above the rest are the rapid maturation and acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs), as well as enhanced vehicle connectivity.

Recently, ARI’s Geoff Seely spoke with Autosphere to offer his perspective on these key trends and discusses how they’re creating opportunities for fleet operators. In the article, Geoff provides some practical advice for fleet operators who are ready to embrace electric vehicles, noting the importance of a broad, all-inclusive strategy to make the integration of EVs as seamless as possible.

Geoff also touches on why telematics and connected vehicles provide fleet operators the potential to significantly reduce cost and improve efficiency. In the story, Geoff highlights one example of how real-time data capture and enhanced optics into driver performance can benefit virtually any area of fleet management.

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