Find New Value in Your Vehicles

As a fleet manager, you wear a lot of hats: Service specialist, supply chain expert, boss and leader, number cruncher. The work that you do every day keeps your company moving, and can quite literally be the key to getting the job done.

We know that you’re an asset to your business, but can you say the same thing about your fleet budget?

If you’re unhappy with the equity in your current fleet, it’s time to consider a fresh approach to value. Consider the trending new alternative to traditional fleet financing that provides you with short-term liquidity without disrupting your fleet for the long-term.

Sale and leaseback is a flexible fleet financing tool built for the current economy.

In the sale and leaseback process, ARI works with you to take a holistic and detailed look at your fleet. Together, we calculate the equity in your fleet– or the return on investment that exists across your vehicles– to determine a fair purchasing price. Once we reach an agreement, you sell your vehicles to ARI. In turn, ARI leases the vehicles back to you and you continue on with the job at hand.

Your vehicles never miss a beat, and you keep on with monthly payments as you always did. You even have the opportunity to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) during the fleet review process, as one of ARI’s oil and gas customers found.

And by bundling sale and leaseback with products like our open-ended leasing offering, you’re able to build end-of-life equity for your vehicles after they are taken off the road.

Liquidity is a hot commodity in 2021. Find out if you have the golden ticket hiding in the vehicles operating in your fleet right now. Download our free Sale and Leaseback eBook today. And learn more about the fleet opportunities available in real-time with our weekly newsletter, The Morning Brake.