Feeling Charged? Identify Your EV Infrastructure Needs

So you’re ready to commit to electric vehicles (EVs), maybe you’ve even begun crunching the numbers to figure out the first steps in building your EV fleet. But the vehicles are just one part in this decision that has the potential to drive your business into a more sustainable future.

Charging infrastructure is an important conversation to have at the start of your EV fleet process. And when planning for the big charge, there are three major considerations that will help you build your infrastructure strategy.

Vehicle Home Base

Where do your vehicles call home? Establishing a base to fully recharge your vehicles is essential to reduce on-the-road charging trips for your drivers.

This discussion is especially important for decentralized drivers who may not have a garage or office to check into each night, like sales fleets or long-range delivery services. In those cases, you may want to consider building your bases at your drivers’ homes, by installing charging ports into home electrical systems. That option means that you should ask two important questions:

  • Do my drivers have space for individual charging sockets (consider apartments, rowhomes, etc.)?
  • How will we compensate for the cost of electricity to power the fleet?

Time to charge?

Location and Availability

Say your fleet has a home base at your company garage: Do you have the space and capacity to charge all of your EVs?

Understanding how your garage works as an EV resource is essential for centralized drivers who need a place to charge at the end of a shift. You want to be sure that your garage has the space for charging stations, and that your electrical system can manage such an increased voltage.

Employee Operation Schedules

Do you need to charge all of your vehicles at once? Studying your driver data to understand the schedules of your team on and off the road is a great way to find savings in your infrastructure plan. You have the potential to build an EV schedule that staggers operations, meaning you need less charging points to achieve the same, fully-charged fleet.

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