These Prime Conditions for Selling Vehicles and Fleet Equipment Won’t Last

Have you seen these for sale on the internet: superhero meat shredder claws, a ghost in a jar, and an unassembled snowman? This just goes to prove there’s a buyer for everything.

There’s even a buyer for your underutilized and aged vehicles and fleet equipment. Here are three reasons why now is the perfect time to move fast and sell those assets:

Year end is coming

Getting those assets off your books by end of year could be a big win for your company. Selling them would increase your cash on hand to use for new investments or purchases.

Peak season is almost gone

Typically, auction sales peak in November and drop off a bit in December. There’s a chance an online auction could squeeze your vehicles and equipment onto their schedule by the end of the year. A guaranteed option is to find a seller who will buy your assets directly rather than going to auction.

It’s a record season

Wholesale used vehicle prices are hitting record highs in 2021. The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index for September stated that “on a year-over-year basis, all major market segments saw seasonally adjusted price increases in September.” This is a result of the ongoing lack of new vehicle inventory.

If you’re not sure which remarketing outlet will deliver on your resale expectations, consider these factors:

  • You’re looking for the highest bidder
    A virtual auction would be your best option. Especially one that will attract buyers who’ve already shown significant interest in the types of vehicles and equipment you are selling and are willing to cover transportation and fees.
  • You need the fastest turnaround, cash preferred

Your best option is a single wholesale buyer who’ll make an offer on multiple/all pieces. This would be someone interested in your inventory as-is with the ability to arrange pickup at your locations and leave you with cash in hand.

When you’re ready to take a look at your inventory to identify the vehicles and equipment that will bring more value via resale than in service, Holman can help. Contact us. We can offer advice, a no-obligation quote, or help you get started with our ARIEquipmentDirect program.

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