MOTIVE Recap: Mobility Euro

How are the trends in European mobility impacting the global world of automotive? That was the question we set out to answer in this month’s podcast, MOTIVE powered by Holman: Mobility Euro. Our monthly fleet and mobility podcast set out to understand the evolution of automotive and mobility technology in Europe, which is impacting fleet and business decisions all over the world.

MOTIVE host Peter Nogalo kicked off the podcast with mobility news, sharing updates on some of the biggest trending topics in our industry.

From there, Peter was joined by some of the subject matter experts studying European mobility: Steven Schoefs, editor of Fleet Europe and Global Fleet Magazine, as well as ARI Fleet Germany’s Head of Southern Sales, Sebastian Fruth, and ARI UK’s Sales Director, Rory Mackinnon.

The group started by exploring the concerns and pain points in the UK as the country continues to build a post-Brexit strategy. That, combined with COVID-19 shortages all over the world, have led to stressors on supply chain and vehicle acquisition.

“Vehicle supply is a global issue,” said Rory. “The good thing is that vehicles are very sought after in a used market. The reality of that though, is that they still need those vehicles. It’s a real chicken-and-the-egg problem that can only be solved by the supply going up.”

“A lot of people in the UK are looking at electric vehicles. The supply chain shortage is causing a nice period of time where you can work out how you can implement those vehicles into the fleet and have the infrastructure put in place.” -Rory Mackinnon, ARI UK

Sebastian noted that in Germany they are seeing a strong increase in funding solution complexity for fleets in Europe, which is a new trend impacted by a global market that will continue to trend. That, and the evolution of new vehicles emerging on the market for fleets, will require a strong eye on fleet management and decision making.

“This is all about complexity, and this complexity needs to be managed into the near-future,” explained Sebastian.

As someone who studies and reports on these changes, Steven was able to offer insight into the market, and stressed that the present value of vehicles lies in vehicle utilization. As drivers are on the road less, vehicle values increase over time. That means that mobility specialists have been tasked with finding resourceful, valuable assets for this new environment; even going outside traditional vehicles to do so.

“We are seeing that the newer generation is open to more mobility modes than years before,” said Steven. “On the other hand, we found that 70 percent of drivers do not want to give up their company car.”

The big topic on everyone’s minds remained on electric vehicles (EVs). Europe continues to lead the charge in EV adoption, and has become a trend in European and UK fleets.

“There isn’t a person or customer who isn’t talking about electric vehicles,” said Rory, who notes that the barriers of the past are also going away. “The product is improving very quickly; you can get strong vehicles in almost every category. And the charging structure is also starting to improve. As the barriers come down, you’ll see a lot of electric vehicles on the UK roads.”

This trend will make its way into the United States relatively soon, making EVs the fleets of the future. This big shift has led to a drive for transparency and visibility amongst fleet specialists.

“The pandemic has shown us that any kind of mobility is a huge cost that needs to be managed. The industry has been forced to find new ways to approach these costs, and overall the industry is looking for new KPIs.” -Sebastian Fruth, ARI Fleet Germany

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