Seat Belt Safety Advice

Most people assume that younger drivers are less likely to wear their seat belt than others, when in fact the type of vehicle is more of a factor than age when it comes to seat belt usage. Did you know people in pickup trucks are less likely to wear their seat belts than any other vehicle type on the road?

It’s All In The Numbers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently completed a study and reported that of the 22,441 fatal car crashes, 48% of those occupants were unbuckled. Just imagine, possibly over 10,000 lives could have been saved had they buckled themselves in.

Airbags cannot be relied on to deploy in an accident, which is why safety belts are crucial for preventing or reducing the injuries in a motor vehicle crash. If you were to be thrown from a car, your chances of being killed are 25 times greater than if you remained in the vehicle. Not only do seat belts help the driver stay in a position to maintain control of the vehicle, they also increase their chances of surviving because they keep the driver inside of the vehicle as well.

Always remember to wear your seat belt and make sure your passengers buckle up as well. And if you are interested in learning more, please visit or contact a member of the ARI Driver Excellence team at

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