Keep your vehicle supply chain from weaving in and out of blind spots

Your drivers deal with blind spots every day. Those areas around their vehicles where they have no direct visibility, where the potential for hazards requires extra attention.

While they’re out driving, you could be experiencing a different kind of blind spot within your fleet. Without integrated vehicle supply chain management and meaningful business intelligence, your order-to-delivery processes may be weaving in and out of blind spots.

Do any of these scenarios feel familiar?

  • Your budget team is determining a purchase cost for replacement vehicles without checking to see if they’ve accounted for the necessary specs and equipment for the vehicles to fulfill their purpose.
  • Meanwhile, you have other stakeholders who are designing vehicle configurations without regard for what their ideal vehicles will cost overall.
  • Or they are cutting corners to stay within budget and the vehicles that get put into service accumulate higher than anticipated operating costs because the vehicles are not suited for the output they are experiencing.

Finally, the team coordinating the vehicles going into service are blind to production updates and delays. They end up dealing with productivity gaps where the new vehicles aren’t available when the used vehicles are coming out of service.

What if you had access to real-time vehicle specs and costs, availability and production updates, and performance data on in-service vehicles to understand how they’re holding up? And what if all of this insight was streaming through one integrated supply chain, with people invested to ensure the comprehensive efficiency of the whole operation?

The result would be sustainable long-term productivity and savings.

Learn how your supply chain blind spots could be holding you back in this video experience.

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