Successful Strategic Partnerships

Think about a relay race: the runners get set in position with one goal in mind – to win.  The gun goes off and one runner begins to separate his or herself from the rest of the pack. As they come around the bend, the runner sees their teammate and in order to keep the lead, they need to hand off the baton just like they have practiced and perfected over and over again.

With regard to fleet management, companies have to sustain their lead by maintaining supplier relations, increasing efficiency, and decreasing the amount of errors in order to have a successful “handoff” in the supply chain process. Having one vendor familiar with all entities rather than multiple suppliers decreases the chances of errors, miscommunication, and lack of knowledge on the subject matter.

Modern vehicles, especially complex work trucks, come with multiple options regarding vehicle type and upfit specifications, and all of this comes with information and data as a vehicle moves through the supply chain. Having and maintaining a partnership with a long term fleet management company that can help manage the entire process and make sense of the data is both fiscally and managerially responsible. Companies want to win the race, and partnering with a company that solidifies partnerships and data sharing with suppliers will ensure they come in first place. Lastly, companies can hand off that baton with no problems at all because they know their fleet provider is an expert in what they do.

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