100-Plus Most Important Events in Fleet

In a recently published article, Automotive Fleet chronicled over 100 of the most important events in fleet history.  The past 75 years in the fleet industry is full of company origins and acquisitions, new concepts to help the industry move forward, the birth of associations to improve the industry, and a rollercoaster of fiscal ups and downs.

Automotive Fleet highlighted the following ARI events as some of the most important in the history of fleet:

  • 1948: Automotive Rentals, Inc. (ARI) was founded.
  • 1980: ARI acquired Interlease Corp. (7,000 vehicles).
  • 1982: ARI purchased Fleet Body Equipment (FBE) in Kansas City, Mo.
  • 1994: ARI founded Global Fleet Services (GFS).
  • 1995: ARI formed joint venture in Mexico with Groupo Zapata to create ARIZA.
  • 2010: ARI Merged FBE with Auto Truck Group, Inc. (ATG).


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