ARI Delivers Turbo-Charged Information in Partnership with SAP

ARI’s Director of Information Management Bill Powell recaps how our partnership with SAP became the cornerstone of ARI’s powerful data analytics strategy in a recent interview with Fleet Management Weekly.

With a goal of providing clients real-time access to their entire range of fleet data, Bill and his team worked with SAP to compare technology roadmaps, and based upon that, ARI invested in the SAP HANA platform. Today, this partnership empowers ARI and our customers to get answers to complex questions in seconds, rather than hours.

“What we’ve done over the last few years is we’ve integrated data from our core transactional systems –our fleet management systems, our leasing systems, our resale systems, our financial systems—and over the course of the last few years, we’ve been bringing that information out of those systems and integrating that to the HANA platform. Now we are starting to put new tools in place on top of that to empower the business.

“Working with SAP … allows us to basically turbo charge that information,” said Powell.

Watch Bill’s interview, Huge Strides in Data Strategy for ARI Fleet. To learn more about how ARI is harnessing the power of Big Data to predict outcomes and prevent issues, please watch our Executive Roundtable videos series.