ARI’s Chris Conroy Featured in Canadian Automotive Fleet

Newly appointed ARI President Chris Conroy answers questions from Canadian Automotive Fleet about his new responsibilities and his plans for applying his global fleet management experience to the role. Here is an excerpt:

“CAF: The ‘Global Fleet Management’ concept is in a relatively youthful phase. Is there one particular aspect of it you see changing significantly in the next few years?

CONROY: While it’s difficult to pick just one aspect, we are looking at a number of near and medium term issues that have potential to significantly impact on the industry.

On the regulatory front, the issue of emissions is one with which policy makers and fleet professionals will continue to grapple. For example, just this month in Ontario, the government signalled its intention to implement a Cap and Trade system which can have a direct impact on fleets operations.

We are also watching car sharing and potential expansion of fleet pools as possible trends. And of course, autonomous vehicles, or at least more automated vehicle features, have the potential to revolutionize our industry.

Perhaps more on the evolutionary side, the consolidation of the fleet management industry has continued steadily over the past decade and will likely keep doing so.”

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