ARI’s Joe Moran Discusses Best Practices for Managing Executive Fleets

Joe Moran, Manager of Account Management for ARI, shares how ARI’s new concierge service helped manage its executive fleet program. The article, “Best Practices in Executive Fleet Management,” published by Automotive Fleet, outlines the best practices to overcome the challenges of managing executive fleet vehicles.

“When dealing with typical fleet dealers, they understand what is expected from a fleet management company (invoicing process, licensing, communication, etc.). With many high-end dealers, however, their only experience is on the retail side. There typically isn’t a fleet contact, so it is the FMC’s responsibility to educate the dealer on the process flows and expectations.” said Joe Moran.

Since executive fleets often demand a higher level of attention than the non-executive fleet, there are a number of challenges stemming from these higher demands, such as the burden of administrating them. “Because of the increasing service level expectations, we have added a concierge service where a dedicated individual is responsible for acquiring vehicles with precise specifications, and ensuring that the executive driver has a pleasant experience when they receive the vehicle.”

You can read the full article here.