ARI’s Partha Ghosh – Keys to the Best ROI in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine

With the goal to save money every step of the way, Partha Ghosh, director of vehicle supply chain and remarketing for ARI North America, explains the importance of knowing the perfect time to remarket a vehicle. In a recent item in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, Ghosh dives into the topic of improving the bottom line of a company with proper management.

Tracking vehicle data throughout a fleet’s lifespan allows a company to recognize differentiating costs over a period of time. This makes it possible to know when a vehicle has an increase in operating costs, such as fuel and maintenance expenses. Once it is determined when to remarket a vehicle, a company needs to recognize the six primary sales channels and chose which one would optimize a company’s net return.

With quick decision making and the remarketing combination of “art and science,” companies will be able choose which approach will get the best return on their investment. With constant technology being added to manage fleet data, Ghosh expresses the importance of strategy when focusing on amending your company’s bottom line.

You can read the article here.