ARI’s Rich Radi Discusses How Telematics Tracking and Driver Behavior Influences Fleet TCO

Rich Radi, director of Product Management for ARI, discusses the importance of tracking driver behavior and how it affects a fleets’ overall TCO, in an article published by Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine: “Tracking and Correcting Driver Behavior.”

The potential for accidents and injuries to employee drivers are an obvious risk to organizations with a fleet of vehicles, but the overall risk is much bigger. Without a comprehensive risk and safety program in place, the costs and liability associated with accidents can impact multiple aspects of an organization’s daily operations.

“To most effectively mitigate risk, corporations should establish a comprehensive fleet vehicle policy, implement driver monitoring technology and take immediate action when risky driver behavior is identified. A well-written policy is a critical tool for creating a common vision among all stakeholder departments and for outlining expectations for drivers throughout an organization. Keeping your vehicle policies up to date ensures that procedures surrounding all aspects of vehicle use are clearly outlined for all levels within a company and also helps to maximize efficiency and improve safety” said Rich Radi.

Though a fleet manager can’t be in the passenger’s seat with every driver, technology has evolved to deliver the next best thing. “Telematics technology allows companies to be proactive and prevent problems before they occur, revolutionizing driver safety and training. Fleet managers can now see employees engaging in poor driving habits (such as speeding or harsh braking) in real time, and action can be taken immediately to correct the behavior, rather than waiting for an accident to happen.” added Radi.

You can read the full article here.