Automotive Fleet Discusses ARI’s Contributions to the History of Fleet Management

ARI’s long history of innovation and leadership within the fleet industry was highlighted in a recent article that discusses the origin and evolution of the fleet industry, published by Automotive Fleet titled: “The Origin and History of Global Fleet Management.”

Fleet vehicles have been operating around the world since the 1950s, but up until the late 1990s many businesses didn’t have a global or even regional fleet management reporting solution in place. In an effort to expand their regional and global reach, ARI expanded internationally through a series of strategic partnerships throughout the late 1980s. During this time, ARI named Phil Procida to serve as the vice president of international operations and take on the responsibility for ARI’s global operations.

In 1992, Procida met with the Zapata family in Mexico to handle vehicle deliveries for ARI clients. This relationship led to the creation of ARIZA, the joint venture between ARI and the Zapata family which continues to this day. Over the next few years ARI entered the European fleet market, through a series of acquisitions. In 2011, ARI announced the acquisition of the UK-based fleet Support Group Ltd in and 2013 the acquisition of  the Germany-based fleet management segment of Fleetlevel+ Services GmbH. Today, ARI manages its continental European operations from its offices in Stuttgart and Frankfurt, Germany, and its UK operations from Chippenham, England.

As new chapters continue to unfold in the future of fleet, ARl is focused on delivering innovative solutions that drives efficiency and lowers overall TCO.

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