Don Woods Highlights ARI’s Alexa Integration During NTEA Interview

At this year’s NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Amazon’s Alexa was the star of the ARI booth as attendees asked “what’s new at ARI?”

In addition to our team of truck and supply chain specialists, ARI’s Director of Customer Information Systems Don Woods was on hand to provide an update on the ongoing Alexa integration pilot program and how the technology adds a new dimension to our client engagement model.

During an interview with Fleet Management Weekly, Woods noted that Alexa adds a new way for fleet managers to engage with ARI and their fleet data, enhancing their customer experience.

The Alexa pilot program allows fleet managers to request fleet data with simple voice commands from any Alexa-enabled device.  You have the ability to ask Alexa questions about fuel, accidents, downtime and more. With our Alexa integration, you can simply have a conversation with Alexa during your morning cup of coffee or drive to the office, empowering you to immediately address potential issues and take action whenever necessary.

Visit Fleet Management Weekly to watch the entire interview with Don Woods.