Emerging Technologies Poised to Benefit Fleets in 2020 and Beyond

The automotive industry as a whole is buzzing with a variety of new and evolving technologies. The consumerization of technology and the expectations it creates continues to be a main driver of innovation in the automotive sector. And while consumer demand often serves as the catalyst for these advancements, the fleet industry is certainly well-positioned to capitalize on these emerging technologies.

Whether it’s the rapid maturation of 5G wireless networks and the potential it will unlock for the fleet sector, or the upcoming 2021 hybrid version of the iconic Ford F-150, innovations such as these have the potential to significantly benefit fleet operators.

Recently, ARI’s Vice President of Information Technology Howie Spangler spoke with Automotive Fleet to provide his perspective on how some trends and technologies on the horizon are poised to influence how fleets manage daily operations. In the article, Howie discussed how connected vehicle technology, led by telematics, can deliver meaningful business improvements.

“With the technology now factory-installed in many popular fleet models, this eliminates one of the biggest roadblocks companies typically face when exploring a telematics solution – installation costs and logistics as well as the associated vehicle downtime,” said Howie. “Additionally, OEM-enabled telematics typically provides richer data and virtually eliminates the need to interpret or re-engineer the data received from traditional third-party OBD devices. With optics into driver behavior, utilization, diagnostic data, etc., you can leverage this insight to improve the efficiency and performance of both your vehicles and your drivers.”

Howie also highlighted why it is increasingly important for the fleet experience to mirror the ease of a typical retail transaction.

“Today, fleet stakeholders expect fast, easy-to-use, and context-driven experiences; and rightfully so,” said Howie. “With that in mind, we’re investing significantly in our client-facing technology to deliver an enhanced experience for all fleet stakeholders – from drivers to fleet managers to their executives. For example, via our enhanced mobile app, we’re making the services we provide as ubiquitous and as easy to use as possible.”

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