Finding Opportunities in the Challenges on the Horizon

Modern fleet management is on the cusp of a monumental shift in strategy, as the entire automotive industry collectively braces for disruptive trends on the horizon. But as ARI’s President Bob White noted in a recent interview with Global Fleet, ARI remains steadfast in our mission of helping our customers turn those challenges into opportunities.

During the interview, White offered his perspective on why it is vital that ARI remain true to the core values that have guided our organization for 90-plus years and how that commitment will help ARI and our customers prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow. White also discussed opportunities for growth, highlighting the significant potential in a number of regions aboard.

“We’re focused on smart growth globally, but are prioritizing the UK and German markets,” said White. “Our unique approach to fleet has been extremely well received in those regions and we continue to disrupt the marketplace by offering the only truly transparent fleet management solution. There is significant demand for this flexible approach as savvy organizations desire increased visibility and greater control over operating expenses to reduce their total cost of ownership.”

Visit Global Fleet to read the entire interview. To learn more about Bob’s vision for the future of ARI, check out his latest blog about how service excellence and our passion for fleet management translate to how we serve our customers.