Following Fleet Remarketing Trends

Remarketing and fleet management often go hand-in-hand. The ability to remarket vehicles that are no longer adding value to your fleet lead to returns on investment that carry into the future of your fleet cycle. That’s why staying on top of evolving trends in fleet remarketing is as important as ever.

Automotive Fleet magazine recently studied these tendencies in an article titled Three Fleet Remarketing Trends. Automotive Fleet spoke with ARI’s Vice President of North American Supply Chain Ted Davis to learn more about the newest leanings in vehicle purchasing and subsequent remarketing.

Ted points to an increase in SUV purchasing leading to an uptick in SUV and CUV remarketing, thanks to advances in fuel economy and the overall consumer demand. He also took a look at how higher mileage vehicles are impacting the market, and shared how upstream—or employee and online sales—are shaking the traditional auction model of remarketing.

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