Getting Back to the Business of Driver Productivity

They say the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but sometimes it can feel like fleet maintenance can wedge itself into that reference at the most inconvenient times. Administrative and preventative maintenance aren’t the flashiest parts of your fleet, but they are vital to your return on investment.

How can you cut down on the hassle associated with maintenance without hurting your vehicles or your bottom line?

ARI’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager Ed Powell set out to answer that question in a recent interview with Work Truck Online. In the article, Ed joined fleet professionals from across the country in identifying the “Top 7 Causes of Lost Driver Productivity & Tips to Solve Them.”

Your employees are hired to manage the business and product that your customers rely on, which means that driving and fleet maintenance isn’t always part of the job description. That loss of employee productivity can be the biggest hiccup which leads to delays and added costs around driver maintenance.

Ed stressed the importance of minimizing driver work in relation to schedule maintenance and administrative details. By scheduling services on off-peak days or utilizing mobile services, you can keep drivers on the road and doing what they do best.

The key to reduced headaches around driver care? Proactivity. Ed noted that maintaining clear and concise communication through administration procedures like licensing and inspections can help reduce downtime, due to less time spent dealing with paperwork delays and hassles around expired paperwork.

It sounds simple, but without a proper plan and strategy, administrative vehicle maintenance can become one of the biggest headaches in your fleet. ARI has utilized advanced technology and years of data to help build a revenue-generating approach to your fleet maintenance.

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