How Analytics Will Affect Fleet Safety

In the April 2016 Automotive Fleet, the magazine considered “How Analytics Will Affect Fleet Safety.” ARI’s Rich Radi, director of the Driver Excellence® program, noted that “in the not-too-distant future, analytics will help organizations prevent incidents from occurring, rather than just being a tool to rapidly react to incidents. By identifying patterns and correlations in large data sets, systems will be able to predict which drivers are more likely to be in a crash and proactively take action to improve the driver’s skills and behavior.”

A challenge, however, is acquiring enough data to work into a predictive model. “In the future, if an incident does occur, the timing and amount of information about the incident will be significantly improved as well. Vehicles will instantly self-report when a collision occurs and what is damaged on the vehicle. MVR data will be reported much more quickly than today and the data will be much more comprehensive. In short, fleet, safety, and risk managers will have significantly more powerful tools on hand to truly measure driving behavior, predict the likelihood of an incident, and ultimately prevent incidents before they occur,” Radi noted.

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