New Ram 1500 Models Provide Versatility for Fleets

Choosing a truck that meets the needs of your various employees and their wide-range of job functions is a big decision. You need a truck that can put in hard working hours with employees in the field as well as an option for supervisors and managers who are moving from location to location. Meeting those various needs while still utilizing fleet incentives to help minimize costs is vital to a successful fleet.

As trucks continue to evolve with new technology and fill different niches, you need to know what’s new and what the best fit for your business is. With that in mind, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is offering two versions of its iconic Ram 1500 pickup truck for 2019 and ARI’s Regional Truck Manager Mike DeCesare recently discussed the benefits of each with Automotive Fleet.

In the publication’s recent article about the Ram 1500, Mike offered his perspective on the fleet-exclusive Ram 1500 Classic and the all-new Ram 1500, two options that give fleet operators a world of possibilities.

Mike highlighted the value in both the Ram 1500 Classic and the Ram 1500. He pointed to the Ram 1500 Classic as a fleet’s reliable, go-to work truck with multiple cab, engine and trim options while also being among the segment leaders for fuel efficiency. Mike also notes that the Classic currently offers strong fleet incentives and shorter lead times meaning you can potentially upgrade your fleet in a cost-effective, efficient way.

The 2019 Ram 1500, meanwhile, is completely redesigned, making it a great fit for managers and executives. The 2019 Ram 1500 features a unique, mild-hybrid powertrain and high quality trim alongside tech and comfort upgrades. Mike said this version of the Ram 1500 shines through with its larger cabin, remote start, satellite radio, and security alarm add-ins.

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