Plug into Your Fleet Data with a Seamless Telematics Solution

The number of vehicles rolling off the assembly line with telematics devices installed by the manufacturer is growing rapidly, making it significantly easier to get started with telematics. These factory-installed units eliminate the logistics, installation costs, and downtime typically associated with third-party telematics hardware but is an OEM solution the right strategy for your fleet? The answer; maybe.

Recently, ARI’s Lou Vella and Frank Daccardi spoke with Utility Fleet Professional, to share their perspective on OEM telematics and discuss the pros and cons of the various options available. In the article, Lou and Frank offered some advice for fleet operators who may be interested in exploring OEM telematics, highlighting the importance of establishing clear goals and objectives from the outset.

Lou and Frank also noted that getting started with telematics isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition, explaining that your best strategy may be to begin by focusing on a particular challenge or segment of your fleet.

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