Resale Market for Used Natural-Gas Trucks Offers Fleets Lower-Priced Alt- Fuel Options

Experts say buying used natural-gas-powered vehicles is a cheaper way for fleets to get an introduction to alternative fuel vehicles. But purchasing a previously owned NGV comes with its own set of considerations.

An article that appeared in the October 27 issue of Transport Topics presents various insider perspectives on the growing resale market for these vehicles and covered the expected time frame for when larger qualities of used natural-gas-powered used vehicles will be available, the predicted reliability of the aged vehicles, and associated operating costs. Brian Garner, a vehicle remarketing manager with ARI, emphasized that companies looking to add used alt-fuel vehicles to their fleet should consider the anticipated lifespan of such vehicles as compared to conventional units.

Garner notes that there is “the belief by some that alt-fuel vehicles will not last as long as conventional units, especially those powered by diesel fuel.” The article goes on to note that NGV engines have different maintenance concerns when compared to diesel and those concerns can add to the overall total cost of ownership.

To read the full article, a PDF is available to download.