The Evolution of 5G Networks Offers Significant Potential for Fleets

The automotive industry is buzzing with a variety of new technologies but telematics, connected vehicles and advanced analytics continue to fuel fleet conversations. This technology empowers businesses to make better, data-driven decisions to help maximize productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.

Additionally, the adoption rate of telematics continues to gain momentum with devices in use by approximately 30% of all North American fleet vehicles and that number is expected to climb to almost 50% by 2022. And as 5G wireless networks become more widely available, the evolving technology offers the potential to significantly improve the performance of both the vehicle and their drivers.

In a recent Utility Fleet Professional article, ARI’s Lou Vella provided his perspective on the rapid evolution of telematics technology and shared how fleets are likely to benefit from the increased data bandwidth 5G networks are poised to deliver. In the article, Lou discussed how ARI is preparing today for the 5G networks on the horizon and offered his advice for how fleets can get ready to embrace the technology’s potential.

“Generally speaking, utility fleets should ensure that their preferred telematics service provider is ready to quickly adopt the 5G technology,” said Vella. “We also recommend that utility fleet professionals themselves prepare to embrace the enhancements 5G is poised to deliver and begin considering the opportunities – and challenges – that will accompany this increased operational insight.”

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