Top Trends in Utility Fleet Telematics

An article published on May 19, 2016 by Utility Fleet Professional examined the top trends in telematics and suggested that by 2020, better data analysis, broader connectivity across platforms and devices, and more choices would all have a positive impact on fleet operations.

ARI’s Vice President of Product Development Tony Candeloro noted that the most significant trend he and his team are seeing is investment in data analytics. Fleets are being swamped with the amount of data their telematics systems are delivering, but Candeloro emphasized that fleet managers have to know what data is important and what data is not. “Telematics solutions without data analytics to assist in trending, predicting and engaging with the outcomes will have minimal impact in how a fleet operates,” he explained. “Aggregating telematics data with vehicle life-cycle data, operational data and historical business data opens up tremendous opportunity to find operational efficiency opportunities.”

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