Vehicle Production Impact of Hurricane Sandy

As ARI continues to gather the latest information on the vehicle production delays, please be advised of the following:

  • GM Logistics indicated that shipping has resumed from all railheads in the northeast. However, some locations still can’t accept vehicles due to the effects of the storm.
  • As of Friday, Ford’s convoy carrier was calling all of their drivers to determine how many are able to travel to work. They are also assessing how much fuel they have in each truck. It is very difficult to get fuel for the new vehicle delivery trucks in certain areas. Their best estimate is that they may be able to begin making deliveries again by Tuesday morning. Overall operations are resuming and very slowly improving each day. There are still some dealerships in the NY/NJ area that are not yet fully functional.
  • All Chrysler destination ramps are released from embargo.  Logistics will resume shipping as normal.