Are You At Risk of Missing Big Insurance Savings?

If Your Broker Isn’t Fleet Savvy You Could be Missing Big Insurance Savings

Commercial auto insurance can be very expensive for business owners. Figuring out what kind of insurance – how much – and if you’re taking the right proactive measures can be confusing.

Here are some things that can contribute to higher rates in commercial vehicle insurance:

  • Employees with poor driving history
  • Expensive vehicles
  • Crime and theft
  • High traffic driving

Fleet-savvy insurance brokers understand the value of working with commercial carrier underwriters who can quantify the positive impact of your risk mitigation efforts. Unfortunately, many brokers do not. Could you be missing out on policy discounts?

Following risk mitigation best practices not only reaps rewards in policy discounts, it also reduces your loss experience. If you’ve implemented risk management measures such as motor vehicle reports, training, or telematics, it’s time to make these investments pay even higher dividends.

Simple changes such as evaluating your protection and risk management, bundling your policy, and considering your deductible can have a huge impact on your savings.

Use Holman Insurance Services’ total cost of risk savings calculator to see if you’re leaving any savings on the shoulder.

Having the right insurance company behind you is like having a strong and dependable business partner. You deserve to work with a team that can provide knowledgeable insight and considers your particular needs to optimize your budget.

Mapping out your choices in order to determine the right level of insurance and the right kind of coverage has never been easier.

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