Is Your Fleet Reaching its Full Potential?

Have a hunch that parts of your fleet management strategy are under-developed? Suspect your policies and processes have capacity for growth?

Not quite sure where to start?

Asking the right questions is a great first step. Your fleet is a critical asset that drives revenue for your business, and helps deliver critical products and services to your customers. Investing in your fleet will translate into valuable returns for all of your stakeholders.

Your next step is right here.

Introducing the ARI Performance Index.

The ARI Performance Index is a comprehensive assessment that helps determine if your fleet has the fundamental policies and processes in place to operate at a best practice level. If not, the results will help you focus on the best areas to optimize in order to elevate your fleet operations.

The complete index addresses every area of your fleet, from administration to utilization, to measure not how your fleet is performing currently, but the potential to increase future performance.

Complete the quick preview assessment above to understand how the tool compares your current fleet operations against ideal fleet conditions.

Interested in having the full index performed at no charge to your organization?

Simply fill out the form next to your results and an ARI specialist will contact you to:

  • Complete the assessment
  • Review opportunities for performance improvement and best practices
  • Share your potential improved performance level