Operational consistency and predictable outcomes make it simpler for businesses to exceed customer expectations. If your company depends on a decentralized fleet, the lack of standardization can present significant challenges for managing costs and client satisfaction.

Inconsistent specifications, erratic replacement cycles, and irregular maintenance schedules can negatively impact your fleet spend. Even more concerning, the lack of efficiency and control will not go unnoticed by your customers. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Are you putting your fleet data to good use?

Here’s how one company took control of their decentralized fleet operation.

An environmental consulting organization was operating 250 vehicles split across more than two-dozen divisions. This structure led to mounting acquisition costs and unpredictable maintenance expenses. The company knew a centralized strategy was key to consistency, but lacked the analytics necessary to take meaningful action.

Taking advice from ARI’s business analysts, the team established a comprehensive framework for evaluating the acquisition processes across their divisions. To pinpoint strategic gaps, they examined:

  • Vehicle selectors & upfit specifications – to determine if the fleet composition and vehicle specifications aligned with intended uses
  • Current fleet age & vehicle utilization – to understand the fleet’s inventory and usage trends
  • Replacement practices – to see how replacement tendencies across the various locations are influencing acquisition costs

The data and site visits told the same story: many vehicles were over spec’d for their intended job function and divisions were not following a consistent replacement strategy. As a result, dollars were being wasted on buying vehicles out of stock and paying for maintenance on older units kept in service too long. The company now had the vision for a better path forward.


  • Identified optimal selectors to align vehicles with job functions
  • Standardized vehicle replacement cycling to control operating spend
  • Streamlined process to order vehicles and avoid higher stock costs

Your fleet is an investment. It’s time it paid off.


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