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If you approach fleet as simply a set of transactional costs to manage, you’re missing the bigger picture. Your fleet operation is a strategic asset that plays a critical role in serving your customers, and every cost integrates into the continuous lifecycle of your vehicles – buy, drive, service, and sell.

With the right holistic mindset, you can manage your fleet as an investment that pays returns to your bottom line.


Acquire the right vehicles for the job, at the lowest possible cost, in a way that makes the most financial sense.


Lease or purchase? Learn how to know for certain, and why the answer has long-term impact on your company’s finances.


What if you could manage the supply chain process strategically and have control over the journey? ARI can show you how.


Keep your drivers safe and unlock the data your vehicles produce to manage your fleet strategically.


If you’re using telematics, you’re probably weeding through mountains data instead of having actionable insights that can make your life easier.


What if you had tools that can identify bad driving habits and show drivers how to correct them? Learn how ARI can help create a culture of safety.


Minimize downtime and manage costs by making informed decisions on service.


Imagine what you could save by moving from a “break and fix” maintenance mindset to a proactive “predict and prevent” approach. ARI can show you.


Few problems are more troubling than downtime. But downtime isn’t actually the problem. This video will show you what is.


Replace or dispose of units at the right time to make the most of remarketing trends.


What if you could control costs by knowing precisely what vehicles to replace and how to budget for their replacement with precision every year?


Selling a vehicle is a process that begins the moment you spec a vehicle. Learn about the many decisions that affect resale value.


Silofication: Get Your Stakeholders Collaborating

Silofication is the hidden flaw in the fleet supply chain process that splits decision-making into separate budget, design and upfit, and delivery silos, each blind to the concerns of the other.

Does your fleet have a tendency to isolate your understanding and treatment of parts of the vehicle supply chain? Perhaps you separate steps for allocating budget from analysis of vehicle specifications or from planning when new vehicles will be put into service. We can help you knock down silos and collaborate with stakeholders for long-term productivity and savings.

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The ROI of Change

See for yourself how pushing past the status quo can pay off. Watch these quick customer stories to learn how other fleet professionals reaped the benefits of change in every stage of fleet ownership.

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How Do You Measure Up?

Does your fleet have the fundamental policies & procedures in place to operate at a best practice level? Complete our preview assessment to see how you compare to ideal fleet conditions.

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The Risk of Status Quo

Change can be difficult, but the status quo can be dangerous. Download our Why Change e-book to understand the risks of maintaining the status quo versus adopting best practices.

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