You’re in the logistics business, working around the clock to keep the world moving.

Is your fleet moving your bottom line?

Delivering on your fleet needs

With nearly 200,000 vehicles managed for fleets just like yours, our supply chain experts are skilled in designing an array of vehicles and equipment, from light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles to equipment like forklifts and material handlers.

Keeping you on time

You operate in a 24/7/365 environment. We do, too. We’ve geared our entire business model to help you achieve on-time delivery, and staff multiple technical resource centers across the continent to support your drivers regardless of time zone or time of day. As you focus on moving product, ARI delivers fleet management support that keeps you moving ahead.

There’s a better way

Route a better fleet future using:

  • Specification design of light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles that efficiently maximizes cargo capacity and distribution
  • Driver behavior programs including safety assessments, scoring, and training
  • Telematics solutions that track vehicle movement and help with route planning
  • Fuel cost and idling time analysis
  • Maintenance integration with internal garages and external vendors
  • Electrification technology, other alternative fuels, and fleet-related innovation

They saved $1.6 million

We helped a 20,000+ vehicle fleet automate its vehicle status and assignment process, driving efficiencies and tremendous savings.

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The Bottom Line

Your fleet literally drives your business success. Let’s plot the course together.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet